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This term we have been learning about position and movement in maths.  We have been using and measuring angles to create 3-figure bearings which give acurate directions.  This is helping us to understand the journeys that different foods undergo before reaching our plates.  We have also been investigating the link between error of degrees and the distance of error - making a mistake of just 1 degree won't make much difference if you travel for ten metres, but it will be a huge difference if you travel for five miles.In language, we have been making simple, complex and compound sentences.  T

Health week

As part of our health week the whole school visited Tayvallich Primary school and joined with them to take part in various healthy activities.

After our usual daily run altogether, we split into year groups and took part in a carousel of activities.
There was rounders on the field, Scottish Country Dancing in the village hall, Art at the school and games on the sports courts. The weather was absolutely lovely and everyone enjoyed healthy exercise with a healthy dose of sunshine.

P5-7 Blog

Welcome to our P5-7 Blog page. We will use this page to keep you informed about lots of the learning and activities that the children have taken part in. photos will be added in the gallery section - please have a look.

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