Welcome to P4-7

This term we have been learning about position and movement in maths.  We have been using and measuring angles to create 3-figure bearings which give acurate directions.  This is helping us to understand the journeys that different foods undergo before reaching our plates.  We have also been investigating the link between error of degrees and the distance of error - making a mistake of just 1 degree won't make much difference if you travel for ten metres, but it will be a huge difference if you travel for five miles.In language, we have been making simple, complex and compound sentences.  These allow us to change the pace of our writing - using a simple sentence is good if we are writing for a young audience or we want to express a very important point into a report.  Shortm simple sentences also help deliver a punch.  Complex sentences allow us to include much more detail and are good for descriptions or scene setting.In PE, we have been developing hockey skills (when the weather allows) and practising our Scottish Country Dancing (when it is too wet or windy to go outside).