Welcome to P1-3

This term we have been learning about position and movement in maths.  We have been programming robots to follow directions using forwards, backwards, left and right turns.  We have been learning about teh points of the compass and finding out about quater truns, half turns and three quarter turns clockwise and anti clockwise.  This has helped us to find locations on maps. We have been getting mail and writing letters to the Jolly postman and have really enjoyed reading his replies.  This is helping us to practice our reading, writing and speaking skills. In PE, we have been learning about Scottish country dancing.  It is great fun and helps us to develop cooperation skills as well as developing our coordination and it keeps us moving. IN assembly, Mr Helbert has been teaching us about our brains.  There is a part of the brain called the amygdala that processes feelings.  Sometimes the amygdala becomes very active and can get in the way of making smart decisions.  This is why we sometimes make mistakes if we are over-excited, angry or frightened.